Contact Lens Discomfort: What is It? Contact Lenses Just For You!

Your contact lenses might be causing you discomfort

There are lots of reasons why you have discomfort on your eyes like when you spend too much time watching digitale tv or using other devices that has harmful radiation. Maybe because you have spent the whole day outside and you got exposed to strong winds because you went out for the museum free tickets your friend gave you.  So you’ve went ahead and bought your first pair of contact lens. You’re even proud of the fact that you purchased them at a very cheap price, having used those ever-reliable coupon codes on products and went on to shop online for them. It’s just that you got a little bored with your own eyes and thought you needed a different color in them for a change. So this is what you did – you bought a pair of contact lenses online.

A word of caution, though. Given that you don’t really need them, you will probably experience episodes of contact lens discomfort. But of course, since you are new to the experience, you might not immediately know that it is contact lens discomfort you are feeling. And so here are a few key points to characterize and define this whole contact lens discomfort experience.

Discomfort in Using Contact Lenses: How To Tell


There is a persistent and periodic awareness of discomfort sensations around the eye whenever you are wearing your contacts. This can take the form of a burning sensation in the eyes, or your eyes turn red or swell up. In some cases, the eyes produce a certain discharge because of a particular reaction to the contact lenses.

Another form of discomfort would be the the feeling that something is always in your eye. These visual disturbances may also point to having contact lens discomfort. This experience might point to an ill-fitting lens (which is probably due to the fact that you just bought your pain online and didn’t really get to fit them). If you have experienced discomfort on your eyes you can share some information on forums and blogs. If you plan to build a website about eye care, you have to purchase traffic for your website.

The sensations you feel may be due to a heightened incompatibility between your contacts and the eye environment. Do you stay and work in a dusty environment? Chances are, your contacts got dirty because of your environment.

Here’s a not-so-good news. Usually, when contact lens discomfort comes around, the best thing would be to give up your contacts altogether, especially since you’re probably reacting negatively to them. Still, it would be good to consult your physician.