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Contact lens, is a thin lens that is placed just above the surface of the eye. They can be considered as medical instruments, insofar as they are used to correct vision, but they can also be considered cosmetic instruments, when they are used for beautification purposes. This is one of the key questions when considering to purchase contact lenses from your neighborhood drug store, or if you’re thinking of the option to shop online for your contact lenses. Do you need them? If you do, why? If you don’t, what good will having them do for you?  Online shops like Lazada give out Lazada voucher code for new members surely have a lot of options for you, but there’s that question again: what for? Perhaps it would be better if you first do your research on the kinds of contact lenses. Let this list help you.

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Types of Contact Lenses

Corrective Contact Lens

The first type is the corrective contact lenses, which are worn to correct refractive error and improve vision. This is done by directly focusing the light so that when it enters the eye, it does so with the right amount of power to ensure clearer vision. There are corrective contact lenses that can correct cases of astigmatism and myopia. Also, there are contact lenses that address the problem of hypermetropia. A lot of people buy corrective contact lens on online shops because of the discounts offered such us coupon and voucher codes.

Multifocal Contact Lens

Multifocal Contact Lenses are the kind that’s comparable to bifocals or progressive lenses because these contacts possess multiple focal points. These can help when you need to shift your focus from ordinary viewing to reading work, which takes a different kind of focus.

X-Chrom Contact Lens

For those with color deficiencies, there are contact lenses which can help address this. There is a red-tinted X-Chrom contact lens which can provide a solution to color deficiency. Red-filtering contact lenses can also be an option for extreme light sensitivity in some visual deficiencies such as achromatopsia. Through consistent wearing of this X-Chrom contact lens, you can experience the world a little better, because you can also distinguish the colors better.

Cosmetic Contact Lens

There are also cosmetic contact lenses. Contact lenses, by nature, are intended for medical use. But then the design of these contact lenses also end up changing the appearance of the eye, which then gave users a valuable idea – why not use them to beautify the eyes? The idea then gave rise to the creation of cosmetic contact lenses, which, when worn, alters the color and appearance of the eyes. There are cosmetic contact lenses that appear as animal-like eyes, there are also kinds which just change eye color (imagine your eyes going from an originally dark brown to a shocking green). Of course the doctors caution wearers of cosmetic contact lenses, as they are prone to causing unusual redness and irritation, and might cause even greater problems if not addressed. Hence, even when purchasing cosmetic contact lenses, make sure you have a prescription. There are a lot of cosmetic contact lenses sold on online shops and they also offer great deals like ล่าสุด ส่วนลด สำหรับ SE-ED and go buy direct coupon and voucher.


There you have it – a list of the kinds of contact lenses according to what function they serve. Here’s hoping you finally figure out what you really need (or want) and act on it, soon.