The Many Ways of Wearing Your Contact Lenses WRONGLY Contact Lenses Just For You!

All this time, you could be wrong in how you’re wearing your contacts


Everyone knows the advantages of wearing contact lenses, especially if you come from the discomfort of having eyeglasses which fog up at almost any instance of temperature change, or the discomfort of your eyeglasses slipping down your nose. Your contact lenses do solve problems which your eyeglasses cause. Thanks to your contacts, you no longer have to get embarrassed with glasses fogging up or slipping down, but you also have a brand-new set of responsibilities. Whether you like it or not, these contact lenses have a care system of their own. You can find contact lens care kit on online shops and there are a lot of options to choose from. You can also try signing up on to get kortingscode special offer. As you can see on the internet and tv ads, you also need to take care of your contact lenses.

You can also read a lot of information from a book about contact lenses. You can look for it online and use go buy coupon to avail big discounts and freebies. Remember the more information you have, the more you can prevent dangerous incidents.

For one thing, there are so many ways of wearing them WRONGLY. Yes, you read that correctly. Unlike eyeglasses which will only be worn wrongly if you don’t wear them on your eyes, contact lenses give you a lot to remember in terms of how your are supposed to wear them. Here are a few of those ways to NOT wear your contact lenses.

How to Not Wear Your Contact Lenses


First, sleeping with the contact lenses on. You are never supposed to do this, because this only increases your chances of eye infection by six to eight times, according current researches.

Second, not replacing them as often as prescribed, and wearing them anyway. This is a very bad practice among contact lens users. This only leads to an accumulation of germs and gunk in your eyes. Contact lenses were never meant for permanent usage.

Third, storing lenses in tap water, and wearing them anyway. Okay, so you defend yourself and say your tap water is safe for drinking, but still, it contains microorganisms which will only infect your eyes. Don’t do it.

Now that you’re armed with at least a minimum degree of knowledge on how NOT to wear your contact lenses, you might be ready to replace your eyeglasses with a new pair of contact lenses. You can get them cheap from online shops like Lazada and Zalora, especially if you get a hold of those precious voucher codes and coupon codes. Best of luck to you and happy hunting.